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removing orange mold along grout lines on waxed limestone shower floor

Q. I have a waxed limestone shower that I only clean with stone cleaner as recommended by the sealer. I notice that there is an orange color (mold?) that appears along some of the grout lines but not on the stone tiles themselves. The stone cleaner does not seem to remove all remnants of the orange despite repeated brushings with the stone cleaner. Can you recommend anything else to help remove the orange mold along the grout lines. I have never usesd any bleach or tilex type cleaner on the mold for fear it might damage the finish on the limestone tiles. Appreciate any ideas you might have. Thank you.
A. Hi Barbara. Most cleaners are specific if you have orange staining it is probably mold. You will need to use a stone safe mold and mildew remover like MB-9 which will more than likely remove the stains. Bleach will work as well and won't damage the limestone whether it is honed or polished.
However it may degrade the wax,so you will have to put another coat of wax on. Do not use anything like Tilex ever. It will etch your stone.
You may want to have a pro look at it. To find one in your area, go to the Find a PRO section at www.stoneandtilepros.com.
Stu Rosen
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