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Discoloration Caused By Steam

Maurizio. I am an idiot. I was cooking last night and set a pan lid on some napkins on the surface of my Maron Castor granite counter top. It appears the steam from the lid discolored the counter top and left a darkened ring. It was "sealed" which I understand is nothing more than a shoe shine finish. Please tell me it is not ruined. If it is repairable, what can usually be done to correct the problem?

Dear Ray:


I am an idiot


Welcome to the club!! J


Your stain should be gone by the time you read this. If not, let me know.

As for your perception of a sealer, I believe that you've got it totally wrong. Sealers for stone are below-the-surface (of the stone) impregnating type of sealers. I'm not really familiar with your particular stone (I don't even know what it is exactly), but if memory serves me right, it can't be technically sealed: just too darn dense to let any impregnator in. But I might be wrong on this one.


Please tell me it is not ruined


Okay, I will tell you that it is not ruined, if you want me to tell you that !... J Joking aside, it is not ruined.


If it is repairable, what can usually be done to correct the problem?


Let's see if the stain goes away by itself. Only if it will not, will we think what to do next. Fair enough? And don't worry: we will find a solution!


Now remember, it's never too early to think about the proper maintenance of your stone. The issue of what you'll be doing day in and day out to your stone is – as it should be intuitive – vastly more important than its sealing (if and when possible and/or advisable) and it's all too often neglected. As you can tell by reading many of this site's postings, you're not likely to get good information about routine care from your dealer or installer. Don't become another statistic! By logging into the Helpful Hints section of our website at:   http://www.mbstone.com/ HH_promo/helpful_hints.htm, you will be able to get the short version of our maintenance guidelines at no charge. The full version of it – a 7-page document considered by many as an industry benchmark – is available in pay-per-download format in our Educational Literature section at:   http://www.mbstone.com/literature/ literature.htm.  

And remember, every single penny of the cost of the literature will be used to support this site and its cause: your cause.

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Finally, keep in mind that we need your support to help us helping you!

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Thank you  

Ciao and good luck,

Mauri z io Bertoli


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