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Marble tile in shower getting yellow

We built a new home 3 months ago and have marble subway tile (white) in our shower. I have a yellowing occuring on serveral areas of tile, underneath the seat, tiles close to the bottom of the shower and also on the back wall. All are areas that take on water. I have hard water in my home.I also have two tiles that each have one round blue spot..We squeegee the shower daily and I cleanned with a product they sold me a the tile store and they recently a stone deep clean and nano scrub. None of this is helping the problem. Did my installer not seal properly and the problem is their is wetting underneath? Is this caused by mineral deposits in my water? I am trying to get rid of the yellow on the tiles before resealing all the tile. The floor, upper tile and tile on the wall where the shower controls are are perfect. Can you help solve my problem?

Dear Laura:

Most likely you water behind and under those tiles. Maybe it found its way through cracks in the grout. Or maybe the installer set the tiles butt-joint – whatever. You can't remove those stains, because they're coming from within the stone, not from without. Of course, matters have been enhanced by the presence of the impregnating sealer (stone in a wet environment should never be sealed), but it's too late to do anything about that at this point.

Check your grout lines and you will find the reason for the rusting of your stone.

And that is why, when somebody asks me about the suitability of certain stones for a shower enclosure, my constant answer is that the best stone is the installer that will set them in place!

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Ciao and good luck,

Mauri z io Bertoli


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