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motor oil stain on bluestone

I was changing the oil on my snowblower, and spilled a 2 foot circle of dirty motor oil on my bluestone patio. Any suggestions on removing the stain? How about that sawdust stuff people use on garage floors? How long will it take rain and sun to remove?

Dear Roger:

The saw-dust idea might work. Rain and sun? They will work, too, but it all depends on how many rain you will have! It may take up to a few months.

If you're in a hurry you could try to poultice it out.


When it comes to stain removal, either you buy one of those expensive “Professional kits” (that true professionals seldom use!) at a stone retailer near you, or you can spend less money and get our comprehensive guidelines on how to remove stains by using inexpensive and far more effective means that you may already have in your household! Such impressive piece of literature will also tell you how to tell stains apart from “stains”, and what to do about the latter! It does carry a small price tag, and you can order it by logging on at:   http://www.mbstone.com/literature/literature.htm.   It's available in pay-per-download format and it's much cheaper than any kit on the market! Not to mention the little and much needed support you'd be giving to the cause – your cause - since every single penny of the cost of the article will be used to support it.

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Ciao and good luck,

Mauri z io Bertoli


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Your only option is to hire a bona fide stone restoration contractor who will lightly grind (hone) and polish your stone.
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