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damaged marble: cracked and repaired

Sig. Maurizio, calcutta gold 3cm slab. The installer made an internal cut for the cooktop leaving a front portion 100cm long, 3cm thick and 7cm wide. The cooktop was installed and everything was fine. A week later they removed the cooktop to do further work and when the left there were two surface cracks. The installer applied epoxy and claims it is as good as new. We consulted a different installer and he claims the cracks will continue. The installer is now offering a 25% discount "for the inconvenience" without acknowledging damages or defects. We do not know whether to ask for a replacement or accept the discount. Your thoughts? Could you recommend somebody in the Seattle area to take a look at it and give use another expert opinion? thanks in advance David Stanchi

Signor Davide:

(Cosa vuoi che ti dica…?) What do you expect me to say…? In my opinion that narrow strip should have been rodded properly to avoid cracking. It wasn't done and it is virtually impossible to do it now, unless the whole thing is removed and brought back to the shop. That spot will always be the Achilles' tendon of that installation. A discount? Can paying less money fix a crack forever?

Unfortunately there are no industry standards to tackle an issue like this (if you ask me, there are no industry standards, period), and therefore it is up to you and your fabricator to squabble it over.

Me? If it were my own countertop I would raise such a hell that could be heard from Seattle all the way to New York! But then again: that is me… J

And that is one more proof that the world needs marblecleaning.org.

BTW, is the repair invisible or can you still see it?

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Ciao and good luck,

Mauri zio Bertoli


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