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dark water marks on angola gold black granite

We had an angola gold black granite countertop put in our kitchen around 6 months ago. We have noticed dark water mark rings that have to come from the bottom of glasses. From reading your site, I understand that this countertop shouldn't have been sealed, but I suspect it was. So, I don't know if this has anything to do with these dark water ring marks. What is your opinion of angola gold black granite and is there anything we can do to get these dark marks out and prevent them in the future? Thanks!

Dear Terri:

Angola Black and Angola Gold Black are two different stones. The Angola Black comes from Angola. The Angola Gold comes from China.

While I know that Angola Black should not be sealed, I don't have any information (mineralogy, absorbency rate, etc.) on the Chinese stone.

Now the question is: do those darker water spots disappear after a while? If so, it would mean that the stone is absorbent and should be properly sealed.

If not, then it could be that the stone did not need to be sealed and the possible presence of an invisible residue film of impregnator could be the culprit.

It is kind of weird, however, that the problem is showing up only after 6 months.

Now remember, it's never too early to think about the proper maintenance of your stone. The issue of what you'll be doing day in and day out to your stone is – as it should be intuitive – vastly more important than its sealing (if and when possible and/or advisable) and it's all too often neglected. As you can tell by reading many of this site's postings, you're not likely to get good information about routine care from your dealer or installer. Don't become another statistic! By logging into the Helpful Hints section of our website at:   http://www.mbstone.com/HH_promo/helpful_hints.htm , you will be able to get the short version of our maintenance guidelines at no charge. The full version of it – a 10-page document considered by many as an industry benchmark – is available in pay-per-download format in our Educational Literature section at:   http://www.mbstone.com/literature/literature.htm .   Among a well of valuable information, in there you will also find priceless tips on how to properly install stone in a bathroom.

And remember, every single penny of the cost of the literature will be used to support this site and its cause: your cause.

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Finally, keep in mind that we need your support to help us helping you!

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Thank you  

Ciao and good luck,

Mauri zio Bertoli


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