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Polished Marble mosaic in kitchen

Q.I plan to use polished marble mosaic in my kitchen. I chose polished because it wasn't pourous but after finding your site it sounds like I'll have etching problems if we're not super careful. I love the look of mosaic in my colonial home and like the lovingly used look of the old marble floors found in NYC buildings built in the 1920s. Should I switch to a tumbled marble vs. polished? Risk a stain rather than have etching? Are fine scratches on a polished mosaic unattractive over time compared to a gently worn tumbled mosaic? I don't want to have to have my marble restored and so I'd be willing to let a honed surface age. Even though I'm a North American, I seem to have the asthetic of the Europeans! Thanks.
A.Super Careful in a kitchen.I love to cook,drink and eat but i gotta tell ya if my wife made me be super careful.we would be eating and drinking out.Never mind having company.
Yep polished marble will etch and scratch.
No way around it.Come on give us stone restoration guys a little work.
Really all kidding aside if you like the look of
old marble floors go for the tumbled look. Test the stone that you like for porousity by doing the water test.  If it is porous seal with a good quality impregnating sealer like mb-4.Take a look at the many types of honed travertines on the market today.If I was going to put a calcite based stone in my kitchen I would look into the honed travs and keep my sanity and friends.
Stu Rosen
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