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Cleaning Black Honed Granite

Dear Maurizio
I have balack honed granite kitchen tops, I recently took advise on cleeaning staind by mixing dishwasingh liquid and flour  to clean stains, I did a sample and  I have left over night , but it now looks like a dull stain, grey rather than black, nothign will remove this, do I need to do the whole of the work top to even it out
Please advise
Tahks you bernadette

Dear Bernadette:

I don't quite understand all the details of this matter (how did the original “stain” you tried to remove look like?), but my guess is that a color enhancer was originally applied to your countertop (which is the right thing to do), and that is the factor (the color enhancer) that's got damaged. (A stain, a true stain, is always darker than the stained material – never lighter. If it is lighter it's either a mark of corrosion created by an acid, or a caustic mark created by an alkali. In other words, a lighter “stain” is a damage, not a stain. And you can't remove a damage with a poultice, can you?... There are no exceptions to this rule.)

That said I also must assume that the color enhancer that was originally applied is sensitive to acidic substances. I also bet that if you wet your “stain” it disappears… If that's the case, your best and only option is to apply some more color enhancer to the affected areas to blend-in with the rest.

Ciao and good luck,

Mauri z io Bertoli

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