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How do I clean marble?

Dear Sir:

Q-Recently I purchased some 18"X18" marble tiles from a retailer and have not installed the marble yet. It is "Botticino Light" polished marble by Modulmarmo. The box is closed on 5 sides, but the front is open and has a window. The marble tiles probably have been sitting and gathered dirt. How do I clean and remove the dirt from the exposed surface? I tried water and paper towel, and now is using Fantastic and Scotch-Brite scrub pad. Still, the dirt seemed to stay and did not come out.

A-Jim-Sorry for the delayed response. You will need to use a high alkaline cleaner formulated for stone.
If that doesnt get all the grungy stuff use a product from MB Stone called MB-11 which will clean up those tiles like new.
Stu Rosen
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