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plastic residue on marble

A hard plastic bowl filled with hot bean dip was placed directly on top of our marble parquetry top table without a hot pad. Even though the bowl stayed in tact, it left a ring on the table. It is possibly plastic residue that might have melted a bit on to the marble top. How do I go about even trying to remove it without damaging the marble?

Dear Lynda:

Quite frankly I highly doubt that it's plastic residue. if the bowl is intact, then it didn't melt to the point of leaving a residue on the surface of your table.

What I may try to guess is that your table top was purchased at a furniture store. In the furniture business they often use marble tops with a layer of shellac on them to help preventing acid etching, which is the most troublesome problem with polished marble surfaces.

If that's the case, than the heat of the bowl may have damaged the shellac layer.

While keeping in mind that I'm just guessing, my suggestion is to consult with a stone restoration contractor to have a sure assessment of your problem. But please, notice that I said, “consult with” a stone restoration contractor. Don't ask for a “free estimate”, because if it is what I guessed, there's nothing that could be done, this side of stripping the whole thing off and then re-grind, hone and actually polish your stone. What I mean is: have some respect for a person that has to make a house call to see a piece of furniture and offer to pay for the consultation.


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Ciao and good luck,

Mauri zio Bertoli


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