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sealing a dark granite

My installer told me jupanara tobacco, which is a dark granite in color does not have to be sealed. He said dark stone is not porous and does not need sealed as the sealer wil not be absorbed and will just lay on the top and have a residew to it. Sir, is this true as I want to make sure of these facts. Thanks Phil

Dear Phillip:

Tell your installer that even if I don't know him from Adam, I love him already!!... J

He's really a diamond in the rough and he's displaying a type of knowledge that is, alas, a rarity.

However, while in general what he said to you is 100% true, generali z ation is never a good thing.

Let's say that if I had to keep track of all the “Juparanas” (whatever the heck that means) that flooded the market in the past few years, it would have been my full time occupation; so I honestly don't know much about this particular “Juparana” of yours. I do know, however, that most of the “Juparanas” out there are indeed porous.

While I have the tendency of trusting your installer, if I were you I would run this little test to make double sure:

Spill some water in a couple of spots of your countertop, let it dwell for 5 minutes or so, wipe it dry and observe if the areas under which the water has been sitting have become (temporarily) any darker than the rest. If so, then you will ask your fabricator to apply a good-quality impregnating sealer like MB-4. If not, that's the end of the discussion.

Well, almost the end… In fact, you still have to learn how to care for your investment on a routine basis, which is vastly more important than the sealing (even when possible). By logging into the Helpful Hints section of our website at: http://www.marblecleaning.org/helpful-hints.htm , you will be able to get the short version of our maintenance guidelines at no charge. The full version of it – a 7-page document considered by many as an industry benchmark – is available in pay-per-download format in our Educational Literature section at: http://www.marblecleaning.org/literature.htm .  

And remember, every single penny of the cost of the literature will be used to support this site and its cause: your cause.

While you are in the “Helpful Hints” section, do spend some time reading all of the interesting FREE articles you'll find in there!

Finally, keep in mind that we need your support to help us helping you!

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Thank you  

Ciao and good luck,

Mauri z io Bertoli


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