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Brushed travertine around pool

Hi Maurizio, We will install travertine pavers around our pool and lanaii. We like the look of brushed travertine, however our installer advised against it due to its slippery surface when wet. Is this a real concern? Thanks. Rob Wyder

Dear Rob:

Brushed travertine should not be slippery when wet, but “should” is not much a final answer, is it?... The best way to find out before making a decision of that magnitude is to test them tiles!

Have a few brush-finished tiles installed somewhere and then wet them and live-test them for slipperiness.

Better than guess-working and/or listening to some stone guru, don't you think?... J

And, oh, please, don't let anyone apply any impregnating sealer or any other sealer to your travertine, will you?!

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Ciao and good luck,

Mauri z io Bertoli


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