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removing grout haze from tumbled marble

I have just had tumbled marble backsplash installed and grouted. There is too much grout on the surface of the tiles. What would be a safe way to remove this haze? Can I use an acid cleaner to remove the grout before sealing?

Dear Bjablonski:

Never – I stress NEVER – use any acidic cleaner on natural stone, if not on exceptional occasion. And this is not exceptional at all!

Remove the worst with a razor blade, and then finish the job with a good-quality heavy-duty alkaline cleaner with chelates in its formula rated for natural stone, like MB-3.

Once that is done, instead of applying a regular impregnating sealer, you may want to consider the possibility of apply a stone color enhancer instead, like MB-6. Not only will it seal your stone, but it will also produce a permanent “wet-look” (the color enhancement only, not any sheen). Wet I few of your tiles to see how you like them.

Just a suggestion…


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Ciao and good luck,

Maurizio Bertoli


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