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Products for my kitchen countertop

Hi Maurizio-- I have a newly installed absolute black granite with a surface called honed "velvet". The velvet finish is slightly rougher than the normal honed, which I really like. I assume that is perhaps a brushed finish. I have read your posts about application of a color enhancer, which is certainly one option. But I do like the color as it is. As you predict, I do see fingerpints and water marks, but I have been clean them by using one of those sponges with an abrasive plastic backing. It is some effort, of course, but it seems to work. So my question is if I elect to keep the color as it is and don't apply a color enhancer, what the easiest and best products/methods would be to keep the surface clean and free of "stains". Would one of your cleaners do the trick? Acetone? Or is that an impossible task without a lot of constant work? I saw that you mentioned Comet cleanser in one of your answers. That is slightly abrasive. That won't hurt the surface? Is that a practical solution? Ever hear of "Bar Keeper's Friend?" That is like Comet, but less abrasive. I haven't used any of those for fear of putting little scratches in the surface, but if that is not a risk they might be a good solution. Thanks for your help, Kenny

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