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messy granite floors

We installed Green Tea Granite in our kitchen, living room & bar area. Big mistake! Walking on the floor leaves footprints. Our dogs leave footprints. We have purchased a steam cleaner and another water based cleaner with a brush. We have to clean the floors daily...sometimes more than once, and both cleaners streak the floors and one person has to follow the other with dry towels and go over the floors with dry towels. Is there an easier way to keep these floors clean? Or is there a product that we could use to take off the shine and make it more like slate so that it doesn't look so horrible ALL THE TIME? Please help. We're frantic and if we didn't have so much money tied up in these floors would rip them out and install something else. We have a diabetic dog who urinates on the rugs as well and his footprints are everywhere. Thanks, in advance.

Dear Diana:

I'm not really familiar with green tea granite (or “granite”) but it really doesn't matter.

In fact I'm mighty confused…

What do you mean everybody including the dog leave foot prints? Of course, if you have wet feet you will leave foot prints – no matter what kind of flooring you have, right? So, what seams to be the problem? Do you think if you had a hone-finish floor it wouldn't show foot prints? As a matter of fact it will show them even more!

Okay, maybe you're not using the right cleaner if it leaves streaks when it dries. Maybe MB-1 could help with that. But the foot print issue is something that you will always have especially with a diabetic dog that urinates and then walks on the floor. Maybe on a different flooring material or a different color they would be less visible, but they would be there nevertheless.


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Ciao and good luck,

Mauri z io Bertoli


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