Wood stain on sandstone

I have an exterior sandstone porch and steps that was stained accidentally with wood stain being used on the porch ceiling. Is there any way to remove the stain without damaging the stones? I am not sure where the stone is from, but I would have to guess it came from somewhere in Ohio. Also, is there any way to seal it once I clean it. It is a very porous stone. Thank you, Annette

Dear Annette:

I really don't know if there's anything to remove wood staining that went deep inside a very porous stone. It's some tenacious stuff, alright!

The good news is that rain and good old sun are very powerful stain-removers. Give them enough time and they'll take care of it (hopefully in much less than one year…).

As for the sealing, it's never a good idea to apply a sealer for stone to outdoor installations, not even my super-duper excellent MB-4!

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Ciao and good luck,

Mauri zio Bertoli


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