Granite with pitts in it.

Q. I had some glue on my granite and got online and asked "How to get the glue off my granite". I had some people say to use acetone or nail polish, so I tried this. It made my granite be more pitted. I resealed it but you can notice the pitted area. Is there anything I can do to help the look of the pitts? Can they be filled? They are pretty small?
A. Hi. Acetone does work to remove glue so you were given the right answer. It seems however that the acetone may have remove glue that was placed to cover up some pitting. The pitting is normal in all granites -- in varying degrees that is. To fix it you will need to call a bona fide stone refinisher and he or she can fix the pitting. (You can find stone refinishers at
Sealing will not have any effect on the pitting so don't waste your time trying. Sealers are good for one thing only and that is simply to fill the pores of porous stone making it less porous.
Stu Rosen

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