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maurizio-bertoli It all started as vision of Maurizio Bertoli, considered by many to be the ‘godfather’ of stone restoration. 

New York’s News Day interviewed Maurizio about marble, and following the interview, there was an avalanche of mail with question after question from consumers. Maurizio was stunned and frustrated by the overwhelming amount of misinformation in the industry, and he set out on a mission to pass his knowledge to consumers. He joined forces with several others that shared his vision to create MarbleCleaning.org as a platform for consumers to get answers to their questions.

Sadly, Maurizio was killed in a tragic accident in 2008.

This old world Italian craftsman may have been stubborn, politically incorrect, and more often than not, utterly indelicate, but anyone who had the privilege of knowing him found that his passion for and expertise with marble and natural stone was unquestionably unsurpassed. His expertise was relied upon by some of the world’s most prestigious clients from the Architect of the Capital in Washington, DC to Walt Disney World. He authored the book, Stone Restoration According to Maurizio Bertoli and trained and supported a large number of the stone restoration contractors in business today. His original answers to consumers’ questions have been preserved and can be found in the knowledgebase.

Though Maurizio is gone, the baton has been passed to equally knowledgeable experts. Learn more about them here:

our experts

We are:

1. Your natural stone care information source. We provide solid, credible answers and information for the consumer and potential consumer of natural stone care.

2. Your channel of communication. We listen to what consumers have to say and bring your collective voice to the natural stone industry.

3. Your wellspring of resources. We offer training and certification programs to industry artisans, from stone fabricators to stone restoration contractors.

MarbleCleaning.org is “a panel of the utmost recognized stone experts at an international level and can be considered unbiased due to the fact that none of the experts is involved in quarrying, selling, fabricating or installing stone; they are all involved in its maintenance requirements.”  —Maurizio Bertoli