Hiring a Stone Restoration Contractor


Sometimes, DIY solutions just aren’t good enough.

Over a period of time natural stone can become abraded, etched, scratched, or otherwise damaged, depending on its use. Major restorations usually are best left to a stone restoration contractor. A contractor will evaluate the stone, the cause of the damage, and provide a concise plan to reach specific goals.

Do not compare bids on cost alone. You must have confidence that the restoration contractor understands the stone, has qualified employees, proper equipment, and the experience to meet reasonable expectations. Determine in detail how the contractor will proceed and plan for the disruption such work involves. The contractor should recommend a maintenance program to ensure longevity of the finished work.



Services a Stone Restoration Contractor Can Provide:

  • Grinding—Removes deep scratches and lippage (uneven tile edges)
  • Seam Polishing— Visible seams are filled and mechanically polished to virtually disappear
  • Honing—Remove minor scratches and wear
  • Polishing—Gives marble or natural stone the desired sheen, protects the surface from everyday traffic and spills
  • Alter a Finish—Change a stone’s finish, for example, from honed to polished finish and vice versa
  • Cleaning—Removes dirt, stains, bacteria and also removes waxes and polymers that have become embedded
  • Sealing—Reduces staining
  • Color Enhancing—Penetrating sealers / impregnators enhance or enrich the color of your stone
  • Crack and Chip Repair—Fills cracks and chips in both marble and granite
  • Fill Pits and Blemishes—Fills limestone and travertine imperfections
  • Stripping—Removes coatings that can block a stone’s ability to breathe
  • Grout Cleaning and Sealing—Removal of deep contaminants in grout, then sealing for protection and easier maintenance